Specialized Contact Lens Exams and Fittings in Katy, TX 

Our contact lens fittings will free you from the burden of your glasses 

Whether you don’t like the look of your glasses or your eyes need a different form of vision correction, contact lenses can be a great solution. At Vision Republic in Katy, TX, Dr. Steven Chau, Jr. has years of experience performing contact lens exams to ensure your new contacts are the right match for your eyes and fit comfortably. Your solution to glasses can be solved with a 30-60 min contact lens assessment today. Call our Katy office at (832) 802-0632 or schedule a visit online. 


Clear vision you can’t see

Many people choose contact lenses because they don’t like the look of their glasses. Contacts can be a more natural-looking alternative that might be better for you and your active lifestyle. Contacts allow you a natural field of vision, unobstructed by frames and the sizes of your glasses. It is often much easier to play a sport with contacts as they will not easily get dirty, foggy, or fall off your face like glasses can. Our services will pair you with the right contact brand and size that best fits your needs, whatever they may be. Set up a contact lens exam and let’s discuss how contacts can benefit you.  

What happens in a contact eye exam? 

During your custom contact lens fitting, there are several tests Dr. Chau will need to perform to ensure contacts are right for you. Our optometrist will take several measurements to determine the strength of the contact lens, the sizing of the contact lens, evaluate the surface of the eyes where the contact lens sits on, and anything else we might need to determine the best fit. Your contacts can be replaced on a daily, monthly, or annual basis and each brand can differ in softness, shape, curvature, thickness, and overall comfort level. 

To ensure you are paired with the right brand and fit, we’ll evaluate the surface of your eye’s cornea (the part of the eye the contact lens sits on) using our topographer. We’ll also assess your eyelids using our Meibographer to figure out if we have to adjust your contact lens prescription for dry eyes. We evaluate the dry eye component objectively in order to come up with solutions to maximize the comfort of your contact lenses by working to address the root cause of dry eyes. These evaluations are not typically done by other eye doctors, but at Vision Republic, our gold standard is ensuring we match the right contact lenses to your unique eyes.

Our Focus Is Your Eyes

We dedicate ourselves to genuine care for the health of your eyes while providing a smooth and memorable experience.

Maximizing your Comfort with custom-fitted contact lens  

In some cases, we have to create custom-fitted contact lenses for patients with abnormally shaped eyes. Contacts generally come in a premade form that works for most eyes, but not all. You can trust Dr. Chau will do everything he can to get you the contacts that will match your eyes. 

Specialty contacts 

We offer specialty contact lenses for those suffering from corneal conditions or diseases such as keratoconus. In addition, we offer Orthokeratology, a specially designed contact lens that molds the eyes while you sleep. After you wake up and take them off in the morning, you’ll be able to see without the need of corrective lenses throughout the day. We do our best to offer a wide variety of options to meet a variety of vision needs. 

Annual Contact Lens Exams 

As we grow and age, so do our eyes. Our eyes can change, which means we may need adjust your contact prescription. An annual contact lens exam is designed to update your prescription strength and fitting if necessary to help ensure your corneas and overall vision are not harmed by your current contact lenses and you can continue to see clear.  

Are contacts worth it? 

You would be surprised how low the cost of contacts can be for the benefit they bring to your everyday life. The cost can vary depending on if you need: 

  1. Standard, soft lenses 
  2. Complex/Astigmatic, soft lenses 
  3. Multifocal soft lenses 
  4. Gas Permeable Hard lenses 
  5. Scleral lens fitting 
  6. Orthokeratology 

Most of our contact lens costs can be offset by most major vision insurance providers. We try to keep your out of pocket costs low and can talk about payment options if necessary. Get in for a contact lens exam today and take advantage of our low-cost options and high-quality contact eye exams. 

Ready to Be Free of the Burden of Your Glasses? 

Start seeing clearly with a contact lens fitting at Vision Republic in Katy, TX. Contacts can be a great option for so many people, stop in and see why they could be a great option for you. Ready for the switch? Schedule a visit online or call our office in Katy at (832) 802-0632 for the vision, comfort, and freedom you deserve.