Pediatric Eye Exams in Katy, TX

Catch issues early with our children’s eye exams 

At Vision Republic in Katy, TX, we are happy to offer extensive pediatric eye exams to correct your child’s vision and detect abnormalities in their eyes. Our experienced optometrist, Dr. Steven Chau, Jr., and our friendly staff will ensure your children feel comfortable and receive the best treatment to correct their vision. Children’s eye exams are one of the most important things you can do to ensure your child is set up for success. Call our Katy office at (832) 802-0632 or schedule your visit online today. 

What can an eye test for children detect? 

It is very difficult for a child to tell whether their vision is impaired because they don’t know any different. The most common treatments for children typically have to do with: 

  • Blurred vision 
  • Astigmatism 
  • Injuries 
  • Lazy eye 
  • Eye alignment issues 
  • Focusing vision 
  • Doubled vision 
  • Eye turns 
  • Partial blindness 
  • Color deficiencies 
  • Eyestrain 

Children will often experience headaches or express trouble with reading depending on their age. If your child informs you of these symptoms, it is important you call our office for an exam to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate and cause further damage.  

Dr. Chau will evaluate their need for glasses, which can solve many of these issues. Other corrective surgeries may be necessary depending on the diagnosis as well. The important thing to remember is that these issues can be treated easier and with fewer repercussions the earlier they are detected. Be sure to take your child’s symptoms seriously and schedule them for a kid’s eye test at Vision Republic. 

When Should Your Child See an Optometrist?  

We recommend your child’s first eye exam be performed when they are six months old (infant). This is to take a look at their general eye health and development as it can be easy to see abnormalities at a young age. From there we would typically see your child again when they are around three years old when their speech is developed further (they can answer questions) and we discuss more advanced vision repair and surgical corrections if needed. The third pediatric eye exam should be just before your child goes into first grade to check on their ability to read words, focus their vision, and monitor any other concerns we might have regarding their vision. From there, yearly children’s eye exams should be scheduled to continue to monitor for further changes in vision and the overall health of their eyes. 

Our kid-friendly environment 

We know that kids have different needs than adults, which is why we take special care to ensure your child is comfortable and cooperative during their visit. We find that rearranging the steps of the kid’s eye exam helps. We typically start with the easier and more fun tests. These would include using interesting objects (often toys and lights) to obtain important information about their vision and optical health. We find that doing things in this order helps children feel less anxious and increases their trust with our eye doctor. We then move on to dilation and use lenses to examine the physical health of their eyes after that trust is built. Our team understands that it is important to make your child’s pediatric eye exam experience fun to keep them engaged.  

There are some other additional ways we can also adapt our exams so they are more kid-friendly including using a light-up wand to track abnormalities in their eye movement muscles. “Air puffs” also seem to freak kids out which is why we have eliminated that step until they are old enough to handle it. We even go as far as offering a blue light filter over our lenses to decrease eye strain from digital devices. Overall, the warm and friendly atmosphere of the office and staff will comfort your kids during their pediatric eye exam to ensure they are getting the best care and correct treatment for their eyes. 

Our Focus Is Your Eyes

We dedicate ourselves to genuine care for the health of your eyes while providing a smooth and memorable experience.

Eyes can impact more than you think 

There are an abundance of ways vision and other eye problems can affect your child’s life and development. It is common that children who wait to have a pediatric eye exam might fall behind in school as a result of poor vision. Poor eyesight can even affect what sports your child plays and what colleges your child attends. Certain conditions can also lead to altered career paths depending on conditions such as color deficiencies and vision impairment. It might seem harsh to think about, but it makes sense. We believe eye tests for children are vital to future success. It is also important that we work with you and your child to set reasonable expectations before your children invest in an activity not suitable for their vision. Your child’s vision is a vital part of their development and their future, so don’t wait until it’s too late; call our office today to schedule your child’s appointment. 

Cut costs down the road 

The earlier your child sees our optometrist, the easier and less expensive their treatment might be. Not only is cost a factor, but giving your child a stronger vision will lead to greater opportunities in many aspects of their life. The majority of insurance providers will cover the cost of our pediatric exams, but we are also happy to offer a relatively low out-of-pocket cost for our patients. We believe eye exams should be available to everyone; call now to see our payment options today! 

See how pediatric eye exams can change your child’s life 

We hope you understand how important kids eye exams are to us and to your child’s well-being. Give your children the sight they deserve and save them from the potential struggles they may face down the road. Call our office in Katy at (832) 802-0632 or set up a visit online today!